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The value we deliver to all our clients is expert professional insurance advice.

We provide our clients with a thorough understanding of the insurance cover they may currently have and secondly; if necessary, to provide them with alternatives that could be more suitable solutions to their requirements; and thirdly; to evaluate the potential risk and exposure for the clients that may not have any cover. Ultimately we endeavour to help all our clients to determine the levels of risk that they find acceptable and help them to find solutions to the ones that they find unacceptable.

Simply Covered – Insurance Broker – Hawkes Bay

Buying life insurance is not easy and with an assortment of insurance products now available, we have found that the public is often frustrated into inaction. We wish to empower our clients with strong knowledge about their insurance needs and we strive to help them to make informed decisions around products that will perform strongly at claim time. We are driven to have clients that intimately understand the risk cover they have in place for themselves and their loved ones as well as their valued possessions.

We welcome you to contact us today and allow us to help you through what can seem to be a daunting process.

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At Simply Covered Limited, we are committed to acting in our clients’ best interest, after all it should be all about managing the client’s risk and exposure. We are Registered Financial Advisors with the Financial Markets Authority of New Zealand and we are agents for four of the largest insurers in New Zealand, namely:

 AIA New Zealand   Sovereign Life   OnePath Life   Asteron Life  Pinnacle Life

We aim to remain competent, effective and strive for continuous improvement in all we do, by belonging to the KEPA Producer Group. We are provided with learning opportunities over and above those supplied by our product suppliers.


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