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Holiday Party Survival Tips

With Christmas just around the corner, there will be parties galore to attend. Which generally means an increase in our alcohol and food consumption. So, here are 5 tips to survive the holiday party season with your waistline the same size and your driver’s license still firmly in your wallet.

1 – If there’s a choice, put your food onto a smaller plate. It won’t look like you’re eating mini amounts but it will significantly reduce your portion size and with it the calories.

2 – Give yourself a good excuse not to drink by appointing yourself the designated driver. That way no-one will hassle you about the glass of orange juice you’re holding.

3 – If you know the food on offer will be the high-fat variety, offer to bring a plate. Take something you know you can eat, like vegetable slices with a delicious hummus.

4 – Don’t go to the party hungry. Fill up on healthy food before you go, like a large salad. This will curtail the temptation to tuck into the cheese and crackers.

5 -Decide in advance how many snacks you will eat (say, three) instead of trying a bit of everything. This will make you choose ones you really like so you’ll feel as if you’ve really eaten well.

Above all, be sensible about how much you eat and drink because, sure as eggs are eggs, there will be more Christmas parties next year.


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