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Life Insurance. Is Insurance a Gamble?

Decidedly not! But the other week a client of mine likened buying insurance to putting money down on a game of poker. Risk, according to him, was just the odds we’re running that something bad will happen. You’re betting against the insurance company. But as an insurance adviser that’s not how I see it. In his world, you put money in and play those odds, making a bet whether a disaster might happen. If you’re a gambling sort and can stomach the risk, you can skip insurance altogether! Leaving it all to chance!

But gambling is meant to be fun, isn’t it? The way he was describing insurance, it sure didn’t sound that way. He looked at it as a game that you’re forced to play, a game that separates you from your money against your wishes, a game where you always lose. You find yourself betting against the house (in this case, the insurance company), and we all know that the house always wins.

Something’s off kilter here. We all know that life comes with risks, there’s no getting away from it. Bad things happen to each and every one of us. It is an unfortunate fact of life. Insurance ensures that many risks can be identified and planned for. So should bad things happen, you and your family will be looked after and your financial needs will be taken care of. Insurance is the way to do that. By pooling together the risk of, say, leaving our children stranded with no money if we die, we are able to cover that risk through life insurance.

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