Simply Covered Insurance Products

Insurance is a necessity! If you have people dependant on your financial contribution to their lives and you were to suddenly unable to work, the people you help and care for now, may find themselves facing a precarious financial situation. The insurance products below will offer some financial comfort if your income was suddenly cut off.

Not only formally employed people should have insurance cover. If you stay at home and provide services such as cooking, cleaning and child care for your family, you are making an enormous contribution. If you were suddenly removed, those left behind would have to make alternative arrangements in order to keep the family functioning. Invariably those adjustments come with a price-tag. The products below are as applicable to you as anyone else because without the financial means to cope with your loss, the impact on your family could be devastating.

Our ageing population and older couples also need insurance as part of their financial plan which will assist their families and protect their assets if they are unable to.

Mortgage, Income and rent Insurance

Your home is very important and if you have a home loan or rent obligations, you’ll want to ensure all your regular payments are made. But what if you were suddenly unable to work? An accident or illness during your working life is a real possibility, and recovering from an illness or accident is difficult enough..Read More


Income Protection Insurance

If you are unable to work because of an illness or accident, can you cover your everyday expenses such as food, rent and phone? What about debt repayments such as your mortgage or credit card? Sick pay generally covers only a few days absence each year, so it is important to have a contingency plan..Read More


Total and permanent disability insurance

Nobody likes to think about becoming disabled, but permanent disability affects many New Zealanders. An illness can erode your health either gradually or quickly until you are unable to work, or a serious accident could leave you totally and permanently disabled. Statistics tell us that one in nine men and one in five women will..Read More


Trauma Insurance

So how would your household cope financially if you or your spouse were affected by a critical illness? Specialised medical treatment is not always covered by the public health system, and you may also have debt payments such as your mortgage, hire purchases or credit cards to consider. It’s not something you particularly want to..Read More


Life Insurance

The unexpected death of a loved one can have a devastating effect on those who are left behind. Will the family home need to be sold as mortgage repayments become unaffordable? Will there be sufficient funds to cover regular living expenses as well as holidays and school fees? In New Zealand, one in six men..Read More